[ Electrical Consulting Engineers]

E-Consulting Engineers provides a wide and comprehensive range of electrical services for both commercial and residential projects. Located just outside the bustling CBD of Perth, we service the whole of Australia and will definitely be able to assist you in your building endeavours.

Electrical and electronics engineering has grown in leaps and bounds, which is why we’ve made it our mission to always be aware of the latest developments in the industry. Because of this, our clients get the best of our experience and the newest innovations available. This is precisely why we are one of the leading electrical engineering companies in Australia.

Our expert team of electrical consulting engineers has the knowledge and skillset to complete any job efficiently, which includes ensuring that your home or business premises is safe. Our security engineering services encompasses a wide range of offerings including product design and evaluation, and risk management. We can kit out your building with door access control systems, security and CCTV surveillance as well as install intruder detection and monitoring equipment.

Our electrical service engineering skills are second to none, and we offer a wide variety of services to cater to your needs. These include the installation of security alarm systems, UPS and stabilised power systems, as well as designing power and lighting layouts. We also offer energy management systems, and provide diesel generator stand-by supply options. As you can see, we have a comprehensive range of electrical services on offer.

Our highly skilled team includes professional and experienced electrical building services engineers, who will ensure that the electrical requirements for your building, whether it be commercial or residential, is up to standard and safe. Our engineers will discuss and implement design options after analysing cost efficiency and energy efficiency.

In both business premises and homes, lighting is a key player in comfort and functionality. Our lighting engineering and design experts offer a wealth of knowledge in determining what would work best for your space, and the subsequent implementation thereof. We provide lighting options for auditoriums, indoor and outdoor sports facilities as well as landscape lighting. We also offer lighting for operating theatres in hospitals.

We have some of the most highly qualified and efficient electrical engineering consultants in Perth, in the whole of Australia in fact. Our team will definitely be able to cater to all of your electrical and electronic needs in an innovative and cost-efficient way.