Lighting Services

We are one of the leading lighting specialist companies in Australia. Our lighting engineering and design experts will be on hand to illuminate any indoor or outdoor space in a professional and affordable manner.

Lighting not only changes the mood or ambience of a space, it makes it functional and comfortable as well. For example, a dimly lit auditorium will be unable to properly execute an event or gathering as the audience will have a hard time seeing the stage. This is why we offer auditorium lighting design options to our clients. We will incorporate our ideas into the existing design to give you exactly what you want. We work on private and school auditoriums, and offer general school lighting design options as well.

Having sufficient lighting in sports is important for both the players and the fans. Our sports field lighting design options will ensure that the game goes on, even when the sun goes down. Our lighting engineers are some of the best in Perth, in the country in fact, and can provide solutions for both indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

We can assist with all of your outdoor lighting requirements in Perth and surrounds.

Atmosphere is an important drawcard in restaurants, which is why we offer great tavern lighting design options for our clients as well. With our range of interior lighting designs, you’ll definitely find one suitable for your space.

Besides work, your home is where you probably spend most of your free time. Our house and apartment lighting design options will truly turn your house into a home.

Our other services include: