Fire Protection Services

There are few things as devastating as having your property gutted by a fire. There may be sentimental value attached to destroyed items, and the cost of rebuilding can be astronomical, especially if your property was uninsured. Preventative measures need to be taken to ensure that your risk of fire damage is greatly reduced, and even eliminated. We can help with our professional and effective fire protection systems.

All of our services and products make use of only the latest and most innovative fire protection technologies on the market.

Our highly skilled fire prevention and protection engineers are also proficient at the designing of smoke detection systems, and the installations thereof.

In addition to all of the above listed services, we also install VESDA systems. These systems offer the earliest possible warning of an impending fire. It does this by continually sampling air systems. Even a small amount of smoke will set the system off, allowing you time to investigate and even extinguish the source. It can be used in most environments, including commercial and residential.

Our vast experience, our ability to keep abreast of new technologies and our overall professionalism has made us one of the leading fire protection engineering companies in Perth, Australia.