Subdivision Services

More and more property owners are deciding that subdividing their property is the best option. In most cases, it can result in a profitable additional source of income. With regard to business properties, it can even maximise the site as there will be more space to rent, and as a result, more income.

It is, however, essential to know the correct process on how to subdivide your property, and if it is, in fact, a feasible option for you. Because our company has been in the industry for quite a while, our subdivision consultants will be able to offer professional advice on the process of small, medium and large scale commercial, industrial and residential subdivisions.

We have some of the best subdivision engineers in Perth, whose skills and knowledge will allow for the completion of any job in an efficient and cost-effective manner. All of our engineers are also NPER-3, MIE and C.P.Eng qualified.

Our subdivision services also include conducting feasibility studies and providing quality assurance services.

In addition, we offer comprehensive electrical & communications design services including street lighting, NBN Co-Application / NBN co submissions, NBN co-design, Western power subdivision power design & western power schematics, design & application eDQA DQA.

We are here to assist you with the subdivision power & communication layouts for your new properties.

We are also able to help you lodge your online western power application for new power supply or western power application (DQA) for any western power service you require.

If done correctly, subdivided properties are a great investment for your future, and with E-Consulting Engineers on board, you can rest assured that the job will be done professionally and within budget.