Underground Power Design

The benefits of underground power cables

Electricity and power are essential for our everyday lives. They offer convenience, safety and security. However, as important as it may be, overhead cables could spoil the look of your street or business. In addition, exterior cabling is more susceptible to damage caused by the elements. This could result in power outages and expensive repairs. Underground power design combats the issues associated with exterior cables. As the term suggests, it will take overhead cables and place them underground. Not only is this a more aesthetically pleasing option, it also greatly reduces the risk of damage.

Western Power offers many applications and services to assist with the design and installation of underground power cables. Customers will first need to submit a Design and Access Offer Application (DQA) form to Western Power. After a few more steps, interested customers will be well on their way to experiencing the benefits on an underground power supply. This would also be the case for incorporating power design onto subdivided properties. National Broadband Network (NBN) cables can also be installed underground. If a new building or home is being built, there are NBN layout options available for you to determine where exactly the cabling will be installed. Building developers will however need a NBN design for pit and pipe, and pathway cabling.

Whether it’s for power or NBN cabling, underground is definitely the way to go. In addition to the advantages mentioned, it also nearly eliminates the risk of cable theft as well as the practice of illegal power connections.