Commercial Electrical Services

Offering project managers and commercial building construction firms in Perth the most professional and comprehensive commercial electrical services is something that the team at E-Consulting Engineers prides ourselves on. Our expert chartered engineers can take on large-scale commercial projects and deliver success. Within our list of previous clients are schools, educational facilities, commercial buildings, public infrastructure, and more.

Whether you need electrical design services or are looking for the best energy management system on the market, we’ll be able to advise you accordingly and strike a balance between cost efficacy and your needs being met.

Our Offering to You

 Aside from being dedicated to providing excellent customer service, our team’s approach is based on practical knowledge and innovation, which we bring to every project we’re tasked with. Using numerous years of experience, we can provide you with CAD plans, building system design, and more to ensure your business is energy-efficient – which is incredibly important when it comes to saving you money and reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Our range of services include:

Electrical Design 

ECE undertakes whole-building electrical and electronic design and will handle everything from drawing up an electrical wiring plan to implementing cost-effective lighting and energy management system Moreover, our team can implement security systems and elevators while also making your building HVAC compliant. We can also implement products for lightning protection and fire detection. Our primary goals are ensuring that the products we install and the systems we implement are safe, functional, energy efficient and offer incredible performance. Additionally, we can install emergency backup power systems such as UPS’ and Stabilised Power Systems to ensure that your business’ productivity levels never falter.

Commercial Electrical Connections 

We understand that dealing with organisations and institutions can be a painful process at times, especially if you’re unfamiliar with them. It’s for this reason that we facilitate any and all communication with Western Power, which makes processes much easier for our clients. In doing so, we also ensure that any electrical work we undertake for you is compliant with Western Australian Electrical Requirements. Moreover, we’ll determine the correct size of your current transformer while also designing and implementing a customer-owned substation for on-site power generation and handle the installation of direct metering.

 Building Systems Automation and Integration 

When it comes to fully automating commercial buildings, the team at ECE are well-versed in designing and implementing systems based on energy audits we conduct when undertaking a project. Using our findings, we can implement building management and communication systems that are designed to be energy-efficient and save your business money on electricity bills.

 Reach Out to ECE

 With a team whose experience exceeds 30 years, we’ve perfected our service offering and strive to provide innovative and cost-effective commercial electrical services to businesses in Perth and across Australia. We’ve successfully implemented energy management systems and numerous other products across various industries including hospitals, museums, facilities for the aged, civic buildings, and many more. With our diverse background and a firm understanding of the industry, our designs check every box when it comes to practicality, reliability, and safety.

To do business with one of Australia’s premier providers of commercial electrical services, regardless of whether you need systems that allow for on-site power generation or a complete update of your business’ electrical systems, contact ECE today.