Residential Electrical Consultants

Electrical Design, Connectivity and Automation for homes and housing developments

Throughout our many years in the industry, E-Consulting Engineers (ECE) has strived to provide project managers, architects, and homeowners alike with an all-encompassing solution when it comes to electrical engineering. Whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest in terms of home automation systems or need an electrical plan drawn up for your house, the experts at ECE are more than happy to assist you.

Because we are committed to innovation, we know exactly what’s going on in the industry and bring all the latest trends to you. Additionally, the solutions we provide are cost-effective without skimping on quality, and we also ensure that anything we install or implement is in line with Australian safety standards, which is something we take incredibly seriously.

Electricity for better living

Using our established processes, ECE offers a holistic approach to electrical engineering and provides both design and installation solutions, so no matter what you need us for, we’ll be able to assist you with ease and professionalism.

An electrical engineering consultant can help you to:

Step into the Future – A high level of convenience is something many homeowners long for. Our home automation solutions offer you the convenience you need and allow you to control and adjust numerous systems remotely. ECE makes use of the latest technologies to transform your home into something out of the future with integrated systems for smart homes while being both energy and cost-efficient.

Save on Energy – Helping homeowners consume use electricity is an important part of our business. You might need an energy assessment to determine how to get the most efficient use from heating equipment. Your energy asessment will also look at lighting and electrical wiring in your house and how it can be optimised to reduce your carbon footprint (and save you money on electricity bills)

We also install and configure home automation and entertainment systems including:

  • Sound and Music Systems
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Security Alarm Systems

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If you’re looking for the best and most cost-effective electrical engineering in Perth without having to worry about the quality or sustainability of services, reach out to E-Consulting Engineers today. You’ll be put in touch with one of our knowledgeable members of staff who will guide you through our process and apply their extensive industry knowledge to assist you with what you need.