What do Building Service Engineers Do

The role of building service engineers

It’s been a long day at the office. All you’d like to do is come home to your brand-new apartment, switch on the TV and relax. However, when you open the door, all you see is an empty space with no electricity and none of the comforts that you were hoping for, including running water. Seems like your new apartment didn’t make use of a building services engineer. As you can tell from this scenario, the main job of this type of engineer is to ensure that the empty shell of a building – be it residential or commercial – is transformed from a vacant area into a habitable space. As you can imagine, this is a big task and includes a range of jobs that need to be completed.

The first step in the process is design. Building service engineers are responsible for the distribution of power, water and ventilation. They need to design an effective layout for maximum and efficient distribution of these elements. In addition, for larger buildings, they need to work with architects to determine the position of certain elements such as elevators, escalators and security systems. One of the reasons that they work closely with architects is to have access to the vison of the building before construction begins. This will aid them in performing another core part of their job, which is finding the most energy efficient and sustainable building solutions. Also, they will be able to advise on the suitability of the architect’s plan with regard to practicality, and if it will actually work in the space provided.

After the designing phase, building service engineers will construct and draw up plans showcasing these designs. This is done by using different types of building modelling software. These engineers will then test these systems and services before they are installed by other building professionals in the industry, such as plumbers and electricians. Quality assurance is very important. In addition, they need to ensure that all of the services, systems and installations adhere to strict building and environmental regulations and requirements. These engineers will also oversee the installation process.

All of the building service engineers here at E-Consulting Engineers are highly skilled and have plenty of experience in the industry. In addition to using tried and tested approaches, they also keep track of the latest innovations in the building trade, including the use of renewable technologies. They’re just waiting to turn your next dream building project into a reality.